source: ESTIA


A roadmap of the technologies and the needs of the project will be made in order then to identify, adapt and implement new prototypes in pilot tests.


DURABLE will identify technologies with potential application to O&M of solar PV and wind energy, adapt them both to navigation & surveillance and maintenance & repair purposes, to finally implement them in two pilot sites for their validation.

The project will target photovoltaic and wind energy sources to apply the use of robots supporting operation and maintenance activities. During the mapping in WP4, main aspects that affect O&M in solar and wind energy production technologies with potential application will be identified.


  • Mapping of the wind and solar O&M needs with energy that could be addressed with DURABLE technologies.
  • Screening and selection of the most suitable robotic and aerospace technologies with potential application to O&M in solar and on/offshore wind energy production.
  • Identifying the most suitable matches for short term development.

WP5 Adaptation of technologies for navigation and surveillance

WP4 Joint mapping of technologies and expected needs

WP7 Mock-up and solution operation on pilot´s sites

WP6 Adaptation of technologies for maintenance and repair